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In an effort to raise awareness on mass casualty incidents, VFR (Fiji) supports the Major Incident Medical Management Support (MIMMS) Fiji faculty in conducting certified training, endorsed by the National Critical Care Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) out of Australia.

The MIMMS certified training, offered as a 1-day team-member or 3-day MIMMS-commander course, aims to train individuals in managing the prehospital response, triage, coordination and command at a scene of a mass casualty incident (MCI).

Our Story

Selected VFR (Fiji) members are trained and certified in MIMMS to assist emergency services in a MCI. VFR (Fiji) has been involved in MCI mock drills and VFR (Fiji) senior rescue medics have also been tasked in the past to major emergencies including bus crashes, maritime incidents including vessel sinking & hydrocarbon explosions and a plane crash to support emergency services.

In a support role to the Rescue Coordination Centre Fiji (RCC Fiji), and it’s rescue sub-centres, VFR (Fiji) stands by to assist in future mass casualty incidents and to coordinate prehospital response in conjunction with the emergency medicine network.

For more information on MIMMS and the NCCTRC, visit their website