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About Us

Our Story

Volunteer First Responder (Fiji) started off as an avocation by a local passionate individual assisting the emergency services in disaster and emergency response from 2010. Since then, what started off as an individual’s passion in community service, grew into a community group and since 2017, was formally registered as a Charitable Trust.

Over the years, members of VFR (Fiji) have been involved within the community supporting the emergency services in responding to pre-hospital emergencies, search & rescue, medevac flight assists and disaster response. With the Emergency Medicine network of professionals in Fiji, VFR (Fiji) continues to to push for the development of pre-hospital care response for all Fijians.

With a number of Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs) now located in Suva and soon in Lautoka, equipped for BLS and limited ALS response, coordinated by a fully fledged computer aided dispatch platform, and supported by communication links to the local Emergency Department at the major divisional hospitals, VFR (Fiji) aims to work in partnership and supporting the emergency services.

Members of VFR (Fiji) are all full-time professionals – from administrators to pilots to medical professionals to members of the disciplined forces – who all have a passion for community service and commit a portion of their time to getting trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) and being available to assist members of the community prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

All BLS courses attended by VFR (Fiji) volunteers are facilitated by professionals from the Emergency Medicine network and the Emergency Medicine Faculty of FNU. Some members are trained in Major Incident Medical Management Support (MIMMS) triage and coordination. The MIMMS course is conducted by the National Critical Care Trauma Response Center (NCCTRC) out of Australia.


PreHospital Care

Supporting the emergency services with prehospital care response


Search & Rescue

Supporting the Rescue Coordination Centre Fiji (RCC Fiji) with Search & Rescue operations and tele-medicine support


Disaster Response

Supporting NDMO with disaster & prehospital care response



Working with the Emergency Medicine faculty of FNU to raise awareness on Basic Life Support and in conjunction with the MIMMS faculty of Fiji, to train first responders in major incident triage