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Volunteer First Responder (Fiji)

A registered Charitable Trust

Prehospital Care


We Are Volunteers

The preservation of human life without prejudice through timely and quality emergency, basic life support, pre-hospital care and natural disaster response services for the people of Fiji.


Amongst our team of volunteer first responders, only a select few are trained as rescue medics and can be tasked to support emergency services at an emergency requiring our support. These rescue medics respond in their POVs which are equipped with BLS & Trauma lifesaving equipment. When dispatched, the nearest Emergency Dept. is contacted and kept updated.

Search & rescue / mci response

We support the Rescue Coordination Centre Fiji (RCC Fiji) and its rescue sub-centres by providing volunteers and equipment if tasked for a SAR mission.

Some of our volunteers are also trained and certified in Major Incident Medical Management Support (MIMMS) to assist in prehospital triage, command & coordination at mass casualty incidents.

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Our Mission

As trained volunteers, we know the value of mobilising passionate individuals

Empower and mobilise communities to respond to emergencies and natural disasters timely and effectively through support, capacity building, strategic partnership and collaborations and access to latest technologies and skills.

Basic Life Support

Working with the emergency medicine network of professionals in Fiji, we understand the need for an increased awareness in basic life support.

Early access, Early Compression and Early Defibrillation saves lives! Since 2015, we have teamed up with the Emergency Medicine Faculty of FNU to train volunteer first responders, ambulance officers, fire rescue officers, police special response unit officers, naval officers, Ministry of Health nurses and other agencies in basic life support.

We also advocate to all agencies where we run BLS awareness sessions to invest into automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) to ensure an AED is close at hand to help saves lives.

Fiji Emergency Numbers

Remember that every country may have different short-code calling numbers.

For Fiji, the following short-code numbers apply;

910 – Fire Rescue

911 – Emergency (Fire, Police, Ambulance)

913 – Fiji Electricity Authority Emergency

917 – Police Emergency

919 – Police Crime Stoppers (Non-emergency)

Supporting emergency services with prehospital care response

So That Others May Live

Head Office

Suva, Fiji


+679 9947 306